How to start
your business with CyberWash

How to start
your business with CyberWash

The world does not stand still - everything changes and modernizes. Most processes are automated, which speeds up and improves service. There are innovations in all areas of our lives, including the car wash business. Currently, the CyberWash robotic car wash competes with manual washes and self-service - it is a profitable business that brings high income and does not require large investments.

You can start a business with CyberWash from one car wash bay, since the operating capacity is 6-8 cars per hour. The model range includes 9 automated car washes, from budget options with basic functionality to the premium segment. CyberWash can become a separate business or an additional service for already operating car washes, gas stations, service stations, and car dealerships.

Like any other business process, this niche has its own requirements and requires a special approach, accuracy in calculations and planning. The car wash business involves high humidity, which you need to pay attention to when building a building or renting premises, and also has other nuances that you should pay attention to. Our team has experience in opening your own car washes and is ready to help at every stage.


The first step of opening a CyberWash car wash:
registering the business

How to start
your business with CyberWash

First of all, you need to register your business. This can be done at the relevant government agencies or online in the DІYA application. The registration form will depend on your business plan. If we are talking about a small business, for example, one robotic washing box, you can register as an individual entrepreneur. This only applies to small businesses. Car wash by type of activity refers to KVED 45.20.

If you are building a car wash from scratch, then you will need to start by searching for a location, a letter of request addressed to the head of local government for the allocation of a plot of land for a future car wash. After that, coordination with the fire inspectorate, sanitary and epidemiological station and urban planning authorities, for which it is already necessary to have a general plan of the building site with stamps, BTI seal, signatures, etc.


Step two:
choose a location and look for a place

How to start
your business with CyberWash

To open a car wash, evaluate the infrastructure where the site is located: at an intersection, highway intersection. How many traffic lights are there in front of and around the site? How many entries and exits can be made from the site? Is it possible to provide a turning lane for entering the site? Is there enough space to park cars on busy days?

The side of the street on which the entrance to the car wash will be must have at least two lanes. It is advisable to have a break in the continuous line opposite the entrance and exit to the site. If it is not there, then pay attention to where the nearest turn is.

In this case, you should evaluate your potential clients. You should consider where the site is located. The advantage is the proximity to shopping centers and residential high-rise buildings, supermarkets, shops, gas stations, garage complexes, etc. In addition, assess the future of the area: is its population growing, are new buildings being built, what is happening with the price of real estate in this area?


Third step:
build or rent premises

How to start
your business with CyberWash


  1. First, you will need to write a letter of request to the city administration asking for the allocation of a site for the construction of a car wash.
  2. Next you need to create a sketch of the project. It will contain information on the characteristics and location of the equipment used, a description of technologies and building drawings, as well as the necessary energy capacity and other resources. For example, calculations of water consumption for a car wash.
  3. The next step will be to coordinate this sketch with the fire service, as well as the state architectural bureau.
  4. The sketch with the relevant resolutions should be sent to the city administration.
  5. If there are no comments on the sketch, then in response you must obtain permission to design a car wash. This permission is the basis for drawing up an architectural and planning task.
  6. This is followed by the development of the project itself and its approval by the relevant services, namely: SES, fire inspection, nature conservation service, labor protection service, architectural service and state examination.
  7. The next step is to obtain an act for the temporary use of a land plot or its permanent possession, and, of course, pay for the rent or purchase of the plot.
  8. After completing all the procedures described above, you can proceed directly to the construction of a car wash.
  9. After completion of construction work, you will need to conclude contracts for the disposal of sludge from washing, disposal of containers from various products and waste removal, water supply and sewerage, electricity connection, obtain a water management passport and, possibly, other documents.


There is an option to simply rent a ready-made room intended for this type of activity, with the necessary communications present.






Fourth step:
installation and installation of main and additional equipment

How to start
your business with CyberWash

You should approach this issue responsibly, since the quality of service will determine the trust of clients, their number and frequency of visits. A robotic car wash usually has its basic functionality - washing the bottom and wheels, applying emulsion and soaking, high-pressure washing, applying liquid wax and osmosis, and blowing. But they may have different water pressure or blower motors. Also, the quality of service will depend on the type of applicator, correctly selected and configured chemistry, and additional equipment that improves the service.

You should make sure that the equipment is certified and complies with international and state quality standards. You should also buy equipment with a guarantee to protect yourself from risks. Currently, there are many fakes that are identical in appearance, but use low-quality internal components.


Final step:
become a leader in the industry

How to start
your business with CyberWash

Robot washing is a business that requires complete immersion when opening. Although in the future this will be a predominantly automated business that does not require a large staff. First, you need to take a responsible approach to choosing a location, the correct road junction nearby, renting or building a space for a car wash, choosing equipment and installing it. We helped 15 of our partners open car washes and have our own car wash bays, so we understand the nuances of our industry well. Therefore, we help and support with advice at every stage.

Before opening, we will check the performance of the car wash, help you choose the best chemicals for washing, adjust its dosage and teach you and your staff how to work with the robot. Our managers are also present at the opening to provide support and help with questions.

In the first days, you should attract the majority of customers, make an enchanting opening so that every potential regular customer can try and evaluate the new service. This will make you visible to residents of the area where the car wash is installed and will form a base of regular customers.

Next, you can use printing to advertise the car wash. Agree on cooperation with gas stations and service stations located nearby, so that the printing will definitely reach the car owner. Targeting a location works great - a video of how a car wash works with a list of services and prices will make you interested in trying the new service. If necessary, we also provide developed video material so that you can launch advertising before the opening of the car wash.

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