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Robotic washer
CyberWash S90 Plus-B

CyberWash S90 Plus-B is a new car wash sphere that supports the bar of contactless car service. This format is beneficial to both the owner and the client. A contactless car wash can be implemented as a separate business or as an additional service, standing next to existing car washes, gas stations, car service centers, car showrooms and other adjacent areas where there is already constant car traffic.

We sell certified equipment, install and configure it. Cyberwash is an official representative of the brand with a fair market price for equipment for contactless car washes. You get a turnkey business for which you do not need to hire a staff of professional cleaners. CyberWash is a service chosen by people who value their time and comfort, as well as those who wish to receive stable quality.

Key features of the CyberWash S90 Plus-B robotic car wash


Intelligent contactless system


Smart 360 technology


Full automation of the car wash


Traffic lights when parking a car


Intelligent system of mixing chemistry


OverGlow foam wall


Built-in quick blowing system


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Функционал автоматизированной мойки
CyberWash S90 Plus-B

When stopping at a car wash, the robot under high pressure washes the wheels and the bottom, after which it applies emulsion and active foam to the body. Dirt is washed off the car with a jet of water under high pressure, then liquid wax is applied to the clean body to protect the coating and the car is blown. The robot has several programs, and the owner sets a price for each of them.

CyberWash S90 Plus-B is equipped with a system thanks to which water under high pressure of 80 bar effectively removes dirt from the bottom, sides of the body and wheels.

What is included in the car wash system
CyberWash S90 Plus-B

The CyberWash S90 Plus-B robot washer includes: a pre-soaking system, a high-pressure washing system, an active foam application system, a wax application system, a chemical mixing system and a blowing system.


Technical characteristics
CyberWash S90 Plus-B



Minimum installation dimensions (length * width * height)

8805 mm x 4500 mm x 3500 mm

The maximum size of the car (length * width * height)

5400mm x 2600mm x 2050mm

Requirements for the question

380 V / 22 kW / 50 Hz-60 Hz

Central processor

built-in central processor, industrial computer

Longitudinal/lateral/rotary drive system

frequency converter drive

Vehicle detection system

ultrasonic + coding

Speed of 1 pass (360°)

50 seconds.

Automatic dosing system

automatic dosing

Lighting system

main light + gradient light

Main water pump motor/power (kW)

380 V / 15 kW

Spray pump

Stainless steel water pump

Pressure washing under high pressure

60-100 kg

Car wash time (min)

quick wash 2 minutes / full wash 5 minutes

Liquid consumption (ml)

dosing pump / 20-50 ml

Power consumption (kW*h)

0.3-0.5 / auto

Water consumption (l)

80-150 l

Advantages of contactless car wash
CyberWash S90 Plus-B

Contactless car wash
Contactless car wash

The process of washing the car takes place without contact with the surface of the car, which stores its paint coating.

Big income from each client
Big income from each client

Customers of the car wash will be owners of business-class cars, as well as people who value time.

The driver does not leave the car
The driver does not leave the car

The driver only follows the instructions of the electronic board inside the box and the sound system. The entire washing process is performed by a robot.

Different modes of car washes
Different modes
of car washes

Different types of car wash programs. Modes from express to premium. Adapted to different climates and conditions.

Time savings for each client
Time savings for each client

The average time of washing a car is 3 to 8 minutes. You will be able to increase the flow of customers several times without increasing the staff of car washes.

Economical consumption of resources
Economical consumption of resources

Automatic programs allow you to save up to 50% of the materials used: water, electricity and detergents.

Advantages of Cyberwash
and business automation

The contactless robotic car wash service provides your customers with speed, convenience and consistently high quality service. This washing format is for those who value time and comfort. For example, a businessman, a sales manager with his own car, car ladies, people with children, etc. This is the category of people who want to receive service with comfort. For example, residents of large cities, such as: Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Poltava and others. The entire washing cycle lasts from 4 to 10 minutes, which is an advantage for car owners, because the throughput increases to 6-8 cars per time.

Owners get many other benefits besides bandwidth. For example, instead of hiring cleaners, the robot simply needs an administrator to run it and calculate clients. In addition, the robot is fully automated, has a static consumption of consumables, and keeps track of the car wash.

When purchasing equipment from Cyberwash, you purchase officially certified products with imported components from world brands (Siemens, Pepperl+Fuchs, Schneider, Parker, SPRAY, NSK, etc.) at fair market prices.

In addition to selling equipment, the company also offers assistance in installation, setup, maintenance, and other startup issues. More than 15 car washes have already been installed and are actively working in different cities of Ukraine. In addition, a warehouse of spare parts has been created in the country to ensure a quick and effective solution to any problems. The company works on a turnkey basis and is supported at every stage by competent managers and experienced craftsmen.

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