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Automated robot wash CyberWash DG Standard

Buy a turnkey car wash business from Cyberwash Odessa. We offer officially certified equipment at a fair market price. We also install and configure equipment, provide maintenance and provide advice on starting a business. We have already installed more than 15 robot washes in different cities of Ukraine.

CyberWash is a service format for urban cities and for people who value their time and comfort. We deliver equipment and perform installation work throughout the country: Odessa, Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Poltava, Sumy, etc.

Key features of the CyberWash DG Standard robot wash


Intelligent system for reading car dimensions and washing it along the contour


Intelligent Chemistry Mixing System


OverGlow Foam Wall


Side rinse function


Built-in fast airflow system


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Washing functionality upon purchase
CyberWash DG Standart

The system reads the dimensions of the car and applies emulsion and active foam along the contour, leaving it to soak away dirt. Further along the contour and sides, high-pressure water cleans the body, wax is applied to preserve the coating, washed by osmosis and blown along the contour.

Автоматизированная робот-мойка CyberWash DG Standard

CyberWash DG is equipped with a multi-stage system for applying auto chemicals and washing with high pressure water. Automatic detection of different types of vehicles creates conditions for uniform cleaning along the contour of the car at a distance of 35 cm.

Thick OverGlow Hi-Gloss foam, with a combined chemical composition, covers vehicles in a foamy waterfall.

No part of the machine is left unattended and undergoes a foaming procedure. It is also possible to install LED lighting to give the foam an unusual look and attract potential customers and, as a result, generate additional income.

Robotic washing components
CyberWash DG Standart

The price of CyberWash DG Standard includes: a dimensional reading system, a pre-soak system, an active foam application system, LED lighting, a high-pressure washing system, a chemical mixing system, a wax application system and a blowing system.


Technical specifications
CyberWash DG Standard



Minimum installation dimensions (length * width * height)

11000 mm * 4800 mm * 3500 mm

Power Requirements

380 V / 22 kW, 50 Hz

Drying system motor power

22 kW.

Control system

Delta Industrial Control PLC

Электрическая система

French Schneider Electricals

Frequency converter

German Siemens

Water pump

Taiwan Pinfi/WULI

Water pump motor

Germany Siemens 18.5 kW/22 kW.

Drive bearings

Japan NSK Bearing

High pressure hose


Cables and wires

Germany IGUS

Cable chain

Germany IGUS

Timing belt



USA, SPRAY 316 hardened stainless steel


Import from Italy (Ip67)

Pneumatic components

Taiwan, AirTac

Sensory system

German ultrasonic sensor system P+F

Consumption of "emulsion"


Consumption of "Active foam"


Wax consumption


Advantages of contactless car wash
CyberWash DG Standart

Contactless car wash
Contactless car wash

The car washing process takes place without contact with the surface of the car that stores its paintwork.

More income per client
More income per client

The customers of the car wash will be owners of business class cars, as well as people who value time.

Водитель не покидает автомобиль
Водитель не покидает автомобиль

The driver only follows the instructions of the electronic display inside the box and the sound. The entire washing process is carried out by a robot.

Various car washing modes
car washing modes

Various types of car wash programs. Modes from express to premium. Adapted to different climates and conditions.

Saving time for every client
Saving time for every client

The average time to wash a car is from 3 to 8 minutes. You can increase the flow of customers several times without increasing the staff of car washes.

Economical consumption of resources
Economical consumption of resources

Automatic programs allow you to save up to 50% of the materials used: water, electricity and detergents.

Business plan for a car wash
CyberWash DG Standart

Robot washing is an innovative business that has advantages over manual and self-service washing and is only gaining popularity in Ukraine. We offer certified equipment with imported components: Siemens electric motors, PEPPERL+FUNCHS sensors, Schneider electrical components, Parker pressure hoses, SPRAY nozzles, NSK bearings, etc.

In addition to sales, we also install and configure equipment, train staff to use it, and perform maintenance. We also provide advice on starting a business. For example, one of the important payback criteria is to choose the right place to install a car wash bay.

If you are starting a business from scratch, choose a location where traffic is expected. For example, at an intersection, highway intersection, next to a large parking lot, in traffic jams, near a gas station or service station.

Pay attention to the technical part of the location: How many traffic lights are there in front of the site and near it? How many entries and exits can be made from the site? Is it possible to provide a turning lane for entering the site? Is there enough space to park cars on busy days?

If a manual or self-service car wash is installed nearby, this is not a problem, because the Cyberwash robot car wash has its advantages. These are speed of service (4-10 minutes), comfort (no need to get out of the car) and quality (lack of human factor). The robot can also become an additional service for an existing car wash, which will increase traffic and speed of service.

Prices for services are set by the owner based on the solvency of the population in the region, the general design of the complex, pricing policy at regular car washes, customer flow, convenience of the location, etc. On average, the equipment will pay for itself in 1.5 years, and the profit is mostly predictable compared to other types of sinks.

Business robot washing

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