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Contactless robot wash
CyberWash 360 OverGlow

When purchasing an automated CyberWash 360 OverGlow, you receive licensed, certified products and careful and competent support. We not only sell equipment, but also install and configure it, perform maintenance and provide advice on the best return on investment.

Cyberwash equipment is an innovative business with expected profit. The robot does not need a staff of workers, just an administrator is enough, it independently keeps records of washed cars, and produces consistently high-quality results. This can be either a separate turnkey business or an additional service for existing car washes, gas stations, car dealerships, service stations, etc.

Key features of the CyberWash 360 OverGlow robotic car wash


Intelligent contactless system


Smart 360 technology


Innovative suspension system without rail resistance


Intelligent Chemistry Mixing System


Built-in fast airflow system


Sound messages about faults


Sound messages when parking a car


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What functionality do you get when purchasing
CyberWash 360 OverGlow

The underbody wash system washes the wheels and underbody of the car, after which the car is coated with emulsion and active foam and remains soaked for some time. High-pressure water jets wash the car from all sides, and then it is also blown with air under pressure.

Equipped with a unique wheel and underbody washing function, high-pressure water from 50 to 90 bar can effectively remove dirt from the underbody, body sides and wheels.

What is included in the price of the
CyberWash 360 OverGlow car wash

The CyberWash 360 OverGlow system includes: a pre-soak system, an active foam system, a high-pressure washing system, a wax system, a chemical mixing system and a blowing system.


CyberWash 360 OverGlow



Minimum installation dimensions (length * width * height)

9000 mm * 4000 mm * 3500 mm

Maximum car size (length * width * height)

5900 mm * 2900 mm * 2050 mm

Power Requirements

380 V / 22 kW, 50 Hz

Circuit breaker


Drying system motor power

4.4 kW / 4 pcs.

Control system

German Siemens Industrial Control PLC

Electrical system

French Schneider Electricals

Metering pump


Sensory system

German ultrasonic sensor system P+F

Speed 1 pass (360°)

50 секунд.

Consumption of "emulsion"


Consumption of "Active foam"


Wax consumption


Water consumption

Express mode 120l/auto, Full mode - 220l/auto

Express mode 0.5 kWh/auto, Full mode 1 kWh/auto

Ultrasound + Digital encoder absolute value

Diagram of a robotic car wash
CyberWash 360 OverGlow


Benefits of contactless car wash
CyberWash 360 OverGlow

Contactless car wash
Contactless car wash

The car washing process takes place without contact with the surface of the car that stores its paintwork.

More income per client
More income per client

The customers of the car wash will be owners of business class cars, as well as people who value time.

The driver does not leave the car
The driver does not leave the car

The driver only follows the instructions of the electronic display inside the box and the sound. The entire washing process is carried out by a robot.

Various car wash modes
car wash modes

Various types of car wash programs. Modes from express to premium. Adapted to different climates and conditions.

Saving time for every client
Saving time for every client

The average time to wash a car is from 3 to 8 minutes. You can increase the flow of customers several times without increasing the staff of car washes.

Economical consumption of resources
Economical consumption of resources

Automatic programs allow you to save up to 50% of the materials used: water, electricity and detergents.

Buy a turnkey robotic car wash
CyberWash 360 OverGlow

What benefits does a car wash owner receive? Savings on wages. There is no need to hire a staff of professional cleaners for the job. An administrator is enough to put it into operation and count clients. At the same time, the throughput of Cyberwash is 6/8 cars per hour, when a manual wash allows 1-2 cars to be processed during this time. The robot has several programs; the entire washing cycle takes from 4 to 10 minutes. At the same time, the equipment is fully automated and during its operation it counts the number of cars washed. So, using all the capabilities of the robot wash, you can predict costs and profits for the next month.

Customers of the service also have their advantages. It is fast and convenient, which is perfect for residents of large cities such as Kyiv, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Poltava, Chernivtsi. During the wash there is no need to get out of the car; at this time the client can go about his business. This is convenient for businessmen, auto sales managers, car ladies and parents with children. At the same time, the client receives consistently high-quality service, because the robot does not have a human factor.

Cyberwash is the official representative of the brand. We sell certified equipment at a fair market price. We also install and configure equipment, perform maintenance, help with other processes and give advice for better return on investment.

CyberWash 360 OverGlow components include imported components from world brands: Siemens electric motors, PEPPERL+FUNCHS sensors, Schneider electrical components, Parker pressure hoses, SPRAY nozzles, NSK bearings, etc.

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